Google Daily Delight

In order to celebrate Les Paul’s 96th birthday, Google has transformed their logo into a guitar. Moving your mouse over the strings allows you to strum the guitar and make chords. They’ve also included a record button so that you can play back the music you create.

By changing their logo on a daily basis, Google creates a reason to revisit their site – I never know what to expect but on days like today I am pleasantly surprised to come across a fun interactive element that puts a smile on my face. I think retail, hospitality and service brands can learn from this approach, embracing change and incorporating a daily element of surprise and delight will keep customers coming back.

The guitar logo will only be up today so I suggest you go get your Google on!

One Response to Google Daily Delight

  1. Mike Otto says:

    Les Paul was a game changer for the music industry and has yet to receive the full recognition he deserves. He was a pioneer that envisioned modern music way before anyone else even thought of things like multi-track recording, sampling, and of course the fusion of electricity with stringed instruments. Happy Birthday to a true visionary!

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