Strutting LG at Product Runway

A couple of years ago, FRCH partnered with D.L Couch wallcovering and walked away with people’s choice! This year we didn’t disappoint. FRCH was asked by Theresa Schneider, our LG rep, to design, build, and model a dress all from LG. Without hesitation, we took on the challenge.

Our goal was to make LG look as light as possible…  With the support and help from Theresa, Chris (the fabricator), and Finish Dimensions we started and finished what we set out to do. As a team we brainstormed, developed, and formed the dress. After quite a few hours of innovation and labor, we had a final product that we worried would break any second! However, after hours of Amy getting made over and standing in a 50 lb LG dress, we took home 1st place!!!

Check out the process and final product below.

After much debate and a few sketches, Jennifer Eng drew multiple LG “lace” options for us to choose from. We then sent the material and “lace” pattern to the CNC machine and let it do some magic.

After the sheets were cut out and ready to go, we laid them in the oven and let them slowly warm up. As soon as the LG softened, we called,”all hands on deck” and immediately started forming the LG. We only had a very short time before the LG started to cool… resulting in multiple tries before we got the hang of it.

After each piece was formed, Jennifer and Elizabeth sewed the pieces together with fishing line. Let’s just say they became masters, developing their own knot!

The skirt and bodice were finally coming together…  however there was a lot left to do before the final product! The bodice was also made from LG. We formed it around a mannequin that Macy’s provided. We tried forming it on Amy, and that didn’t work out so well – too HOT! After the bodice had it’s basic shape, we took an extreme blow dryer and manipulated it to look symmetrical.

And just in case you missed the final product, here is Amy Baffi strutting her stuff and all of our hardwork!

The team at the end (minus Rachel & Elizabeth who were at HD) interviewing & celebrating our big win!

Don’t forget to check out the final product and the video downstairs in the lobby! Don’t worry – it is on a mannequin not Amy!

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