Retail Gets Personal

Often as designers, we forget that getting the customer in the door and in the dressing room is an important part of making the sell. From personal experience, I know this is true. New Balance didn’t want to chance it.  So they invited magazine editors to truly try out the new spring collection.

It wasn’t a typical editor’s event with merchandise hanging on racks and some sweet treats. Instead, as the editors arrived, they were directed to their personalized locker with a new pair of shoes, pants, and a top waiting for them in their size.  These editors were expected to workout in the new gear!

MKG Productions divided the space into 5 different workout stations including Grind, Flow, Fight, Bounce, and Recover. Although lots of activity went on within each station, the space itself was pretty minimal using mostly white except for the bold, bright graphics, merchandise, and an occasional lime green tire. The editors didn’t just casually workout, Crunch fitness trainers provided instructions at each station making sure the editors got sweaty in the fresh New Balance gear.

The event may have been only a few hours, but New Balance accomplished more than most getting the editors involved personally with the new collection. Who can resist bright, fun workout gear especially after you already have it on? It just might make you want to workout…

Don’t worry, the shoes were featured on a honeycomb divider/fixture just in case you wanted to check out another bright color or style.

Best thing about working out… snacking afterwards. There were various goodies, including make-your-own trail mix!

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