Letterpress for Success

I visited Yee Haw Industries over the weekend and discovered a paradise of typography, music, illustration and the elegant art of collection organization.

The shop operates out of downtown Knoxville, TN with a small but densely merchandised retail area in the front including posters, greeting cards and journals, and an incredible focus on show posters from regional country and bluegrass acts. The rest of the large studio space is devoted to the printing machines and a staggering collection of letterpress typography.

A place like this can never have enough drawers, trays, shelves, racks and cubbies. Typography becomes a ubiquitous texture that covers every object and surface area, each with its own unique patina. The tactility of everything is mesmerizing. It highlights a bygone era where a craftsman’s hand was central to the quality of every finished piece. It’s a fascinating aesthetic, produced in this case with 1 part grime, 1 part visual overload, and 1 part conscientious arrangement.

Hardest working man in showbiz. A personal favorite.

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  1. martymccauley says:

    Nice post! Please tell me you ended up picking up one of those James Brown prints…

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