Seat Yourself

There are a ton of new innovative seating options surfacing on the web these days and I’d like to call attention to a few that are too cool for school…

Pictured above is Tweeting Seat by designer Chris McNicholl. This bench is awesome in the way it acts as a branded (un-officially?) outpost to socially connect all the while providing a safe place to avoid embarrassing accidents. The bench also houses a camera that captures an image of the surrounding environment once someone chooses to sit down, as well as a second camera positioned to snap a shot of the sitter. Click here to see some of the split-screen shots.

David Kim & Mike Seto have designed an urban seating project called New Role Models, an exciting take on street art meets public works. Using ¼” bent steel as a base and applying colorful and iconic vinyl prints, their seating is positioned randomly around Manhattan and Brooklyn. The artists’ gift to the city truly keeps on giving; offering New Yorker’s an unexpected destination for a well-deserved respite.

Tuyo Design introduces the Klem series, shown here as both bench and chair. What is sweet about the design is the way you can change and move the cushions to get different looks and color blocking.

Campeggi’s design by Emanuele Magini is called Siesta and features a traditional long bench framework that supports a suspended hammock. I love the marriage between two contrasting styles of seating.

I know its not Halloween yet, but this is a super playful chair by French studio Pool that boasts an undeniably cool skull design. The name of this chair translates to: “Remember that you will die”. Now that’s tough!

Images from Chris McNicholl, Contemporist, Design Milk, Dezeen, and Click Boom Pow Design

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