King of Album Packaging

Well, I’m inspired! I have been waiting with baited anticipation for my copy of Radiohead’s super-deluxe edition of “King of Limbs” to arrive in the post. I just received an email notification announcing that my copy has just shipped from the UK, and should arrive any day now!

…In the meantime, images have surfaced that highlight the specifics of the package and provide a sneak peek at the concept behind Radiohead’s ‘Newspaper Album’. Given the recent decline of physical music sales, I find it refreshing that Radiohead continues to make fully realized artistic statements with their releases. This attention to their physical product further romances the act of purchase and helps the band make a meaningful connection with their audience. Plus, it’s just cool!

images via We Heart

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  1. coryclinton says:

    Radiohead are certainly trailblazers, not only in how they deliver and package their music, but in the music itself. Pitchfork just published a great short interview with the designer on how the “newspaper album” artwork came to be. Take a look:

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