What Happens When

What Happens When is a temporary restaurant installation.  The environment changes every 30 days offering an ever changing culinary, visual and sound experience.

The concept for this restaurant reminds me of the Food Network show where a chef has 24 hours to create and open their restaurant, usually resulting in a meltdown. While I love the excitement of that show, the design for What Happens When is decidedly more sophisticated and makes me believe the culinary experience will match.

Be sure to check out What Happens When’s site for full culinary, visual and sound descriptions for each of the movements. And if you’re in New York be sure to make reservations by calling 212.925.8310.

Movement No. 1 : the interior is simple, with graphics from an architect’s drawings applied to all surfaces

What Happens to Valentine’s Day : inspired by the idea of blushing

Movement No. 2 : the concept is hunting through winter, and we literally see a bit of nature peaking through the blue stick forest

Movement No. 3 : taking inspiration from impressionist art, this space recreates the feeling of France in the 1880’s

2 Responses to What Happens When

  1. Sayoko Osada says:

    Congrats on your baby William! Hope you both are resting well and happily…
    Anyway, I absolutely loved your post. I spent quite a while browsing through What Happens When and The Metrics websites. It’s exciting to see their treatment of architecture as a sculpture and a 3D canvas.
    Very much inspired. Thanks for that!

  2. Sayoko Osada says:

    P.S. I also am interested in restaurant designs worked around concepts integrated with food, so another factor that grabbed my heart.

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