Puma’s New Playing Field

I was recently hipped to Puma’s new youth-targeted campaign celebrating the After Hours Athlete… and it’s so on-point! I was completely blown away with how effortlessly the messaging connects with the target demographic, and even those outside of the target through a nostalgic yearning for their own “back in the day.”

Puma uses the interactive website Puma Social as a hub to connect with visitors while promoting products and branded after hours events at pop-up spaces all around the world. The campaign is effective in the way it uses fresh, of-the-now visuals featuring young adults doing what comes naturally: partying in packs, staying out too late, probably up to a little no good, etc. all while threading this lifestyle in with playful, tongue-in-cheek “bar” sports to target a new non-athlete consumer.

The After Hours Athlete campaign is notable in the way it establishes a new playing field by creatively finding sport in the everyday life of today’s youth. Puma defines a new kind of athlete in all of us, participants in the sport of social living, and provides proper channels to stay active. This fresh approach to “sports” makes the After Hours Athlete one of the timelier and socially relevant sportswear campaigns I have seen.

Here are a few snippets of the After Hours Athlete commercial linked above… Some amazing lines of copy that totally hit the mark:

“Double bowl on a single throw, three pints in.”

“Singing on key, off key and losing keys.”

“Steady hands. Blurry eyes.”

“Bars. Billiards. Basements. Bacon sandwiches with extra hot sauce.”

“Finish lines drawn by dawn.”

“When last call calls, don’t answer.”

To be honest, I could do without the dude chucking his glass bottle toward the garbage truck at the end of the commercial… littering is never cool.

3 Responses to Puma’s New Playing Field

  1. cristinaferrari says:

    I think what Puma’s done here is an incredibly smart business move – in an industry where competitors are choosing to highlight sophisticated athletic technology and performance, Puma has embraced the fact that athletic wear is also a lifestyle statement. This campaign manages to really capture the essence of today’s youth culture without being cheesy or contrived. Great find Marty and I think this brand is definitely one to watch!

  2. coryclinton says:

    Sweet stuff! The copywriting is just soooo perfect, transporting me laugh-filled nights of debauchery. Who doesn’t want to be associated with that?!? But, is this message really timely or is it timeless? My instinct is the latter.

    • martymccauley says:

      I think the campaign is both timeless and timely… Timeless in the way everyone can relate to the messaging, and timely in the way that the campaign targets the intended demographic through multiple social channels, creating a new idea of sport.

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