Aged, High Tech, and Fabulous

New York City streets are filled with inspiration, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when I saw an entire window filled with 1940’s sewing machines. I couldn’t resist and wandered inside All Saints, a clothing boutique.

At first it was dark and dingy, but it didn’t take long to notice the old 1940’s sewing and tailoring equipment. It wasn’t just placed occasionally, but incorporated into the fixtures and wall treatments. After a few steps inside, I began to notice the clothes. A sparkly bathing suit caught my eye.  It was placed on a thin glass tray and attached to a huge sewing machine.

Although the space was dimly lit with dark wood floors, walls, and fixtures, All Saints didn’t forget about the importance of modern technology. IPads were available throughout the store to provide inspiration, options, and a hands-on experience. However, the only thing glossy about the integration of the iPad was the iPad itself. It was simply part of the 1940’s fixture.

The clothes were beautiful, the shoes to die for, but I didn’t leave with either. Instead, I walked out impressed with the integration of the new and the old…and of course, a lot of pictures.

Check out their brand and clothes…  All Saints.

One Response to Aged, High Tech, and Fabulous

  1. Carl Goodiel says:

    These are amazing! Very Speampunk.

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