Great Boots AND Brand Personality… WHAT?!?

In my never-ending quest for great (and travel appropriate) boots and only having disappointing retail experiences trying to find them, I finally had to turn to online sources – and frankly, I will never go back! has won me over!  While I knew I would love the boots – I had no idea the Brand experience would be so delightful.

From the moment I saw the Branded white box with fresh lime Piperlime logo sitting on the porch – I knew this online purchase experience was going to be different. Every detail of the packaging made me feel like I had made the exact right choice and that care was taken to package these boots just for me. Opening the box revealed the fresh, bold lime patterning, Branded collateral, receipt and letter thanking me for my purchase and hoping I enjoyed my new shoes. The letter also let me know how to take advantage of the free return policy, if I was in any way disappointed with them, and included the shipping label. The whole experience was amazingly consistent and focused on every detail. The nicest detail of the packaging had to be the tissue paper seal around the box making it feel more like a boutique retail experience.

Unfortunately, more recent shoe choices have not been so successful – but the Brand experience got even better – Piperlime lived up to their quick and easy and FREE return policy making even that process seamless. After the return was processed, I received a ‘sorry you were disappointed’ coupon for my next purchase. Thank you Piperlime for being so great!

One Response to Great Boots AND Brand Personality… WHAT?!?

  1. Barb says:

    You didn’t show us the boots!!!!!

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