What Does Social Media Do for Hotels?

The folks here at FRCH are very proud to finally see the grand opening of the new Home2 suites. This is a project that has been near and dear to us since its inception almost 3 years ago. We have been excited to have been part of that process since the beginning, and continue to partner with Hilton to define this new brand.

Being a Facebook user, I was interested to see how Hilton’s new “hip and humble’ hotel brand would use social media as a marketing tool.

I think the folks at Home2 get it.  The welcome page is typical Facebook fodder, but additional pages have been added to further define the brand and its mission in the marketplace:

One of the nicest features is the ability to link immediately to a reservation website through the Facebook page. This is very handy for mobile devices:

After doing a brief search, it seems that the competition has a lot to do to catch up. Hyatt, for example, provides a Wikipedia link. Useful, but not very inspiring:

I was actually surprised how many brands do not yet have a corporate presence here. For example, big names like Weston and Ramada don’t have much to show. Marriott does have some presence with a few brands, but it’s limited – such as the Candlewood page:

All in all, it looks like our friends at Home2 are on top of the curve. Kudos for good use of this increasingly important tool as a portal to a brand experience rather than just another phone book entry.

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