Jumping out of the fast lane

Its been quite awhile since I blogged – not counting the RIBS.  Sorry.  Retirement is so busy and time-consuming! I LOVE IT!!!

I’ve jumped out of the fast lane.  No more 120 miles per hour to get it all done, meet the deadlines and squeeze in a life.

Now I cruise at 45 to 60 miles per hour.  Sometimes I create my own ‘school zone’ so I can slow down and smell the rosemary and thyme and wallow in leisure.  I fill my time with the people and activities I enjoy.

I have my Projects around the house.  I’ve lived in this house since I moved back from Europe in 1985.  I’m a pack-rat by genetic design.  There is a lot to sift through, sort, exclaim over, keep (until the next great sorting) and repurpose to another home.  I have lots of nieces and nephews moving out on their own that need many, many of my household items. YAY!!  Having lots of brothers is paying off – at last!

Then there are the necessary chores around the house and garden.  And the Grand Designs that stay in the planning stages for quite some time.

Lastly there is the time devoted to the Leisure of Life.  All those things that got put on the list of-things-to-be-done-later-when-I-have-the-time, a sort of ‘bucket list’.

I read a lot – mysteries, biographies, art books, cook books, wine books, newsletters on food and wine, retail and business (still), follow some blogs and send out articles and info to my fellow retail and wine junkies.

I cook a lot – finding the best recipe for whatever it is I’m into at the moment, developing my own recipes (see Kate’s Memphis style ribs), trying new ingredients and techniques.  I’m close to tackling bread – my Mt Everest challenge.  I’m known for my baked building materials.

I socialize – lunching with friends and family; attending, and sometimes organizing, wine tastings; gathering fellow foodies to dine-in, experimenting and enjoying each others specialties, and to dine-out, exploring the local options, new and old.

I drop in to visit you all at the office – YES, I miss you!

I travel a bit to visit friends and family – two trips planned for this year.

But my favorite, now-that-I’m-retired-and-have-the-time activity, is my watercolor class at Baker-Hunt Art and Cultural Center on Thursday afternoons in old Covington. Pure bliss!! Weekday, afternoon, painting, drawing, for me, beautiful setting, great instructor.  Yes!  Bliss!!  I’m learning – techniques, paint mixing, composition, tons of stuff.  Love learning!  I’ve posted two exercises on my facebook page.  I’m not going to join the watercolor luminaries.  It’s just so cool to bring it all together myself.

So……….I’ve been distracted from blogging.  I’m determined to fit it in again.  So wish me a modicum of organization – but not too much.

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