Designing in Sketch-Up!

Designing in 3-D is one of the best ways to solve problems and visualize a concept.  Sketch-Up allows for quick 3-D ideation and exploration of form and space.

With Sketch-Up  the designer is able to move through a project and see it from multiple vantage points as the conceptual process is taking place. 

It’s easy to modify the concept and try a number of different solutions in a short amount of time.  In the case of the “Worlds of Discovery” project in Dubai, FRCH designers had to work around and incorporate huge salt water habitats into each restaurant concept.  Working in 3-D provided flexibility and helped the team better understand this complex problem. 

The design could be quickly conveyed to others and then translated into finished concept renderings and sketches which provided another level of immersion for both the client and design team.

Multiple views are quickly composed and rendered with a high level of accuracy. 

Scaled plans and elevation can be generated from Sketch-Up as well animated components showing the function of show set pieces.

Thursday March 24th will be one of several Sketch-Up training sessions provided by the Training and Development Committee.  Watch for future announcements.

Below is a link to a great short film on how Sketch-Up is used in the gaming industry to flesh out fantasy and alien worlds.

Designing in Sketch-Up

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