Paris Store Fronts

After scouring the floors of Euroshop, a team of FRCHers took a jaunt to Paris to gather further inspiration and soak in some of the worlds finest in retail, restaurant and hospitality design. While walking the streets between destinations, I found myself enamored with the charm of Parisian store facades, especially those with distinct use of signage and a powerful window presentation. These tried-and-true businesses establish their own unique brand identity while defining the character of their respective neighborhoods. Riffing off of the NYC Store Fronts post from a while back, here are some of the Parisian street level projections that caught my eye… and weren’t too blurry!

2 Responses to Paris Store Fronts

  1. Dan Reynolds says:

    Great shots Marty. Thanks for posting.

  2. KateK says:

    Merci, mon ami!

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