Chipotle Goes For The Gold

Over the weekend I gave in to one of my biggest weaknesses: Chipotle burritos. As a long-time fan of the brand and its delicious (albeit addictive) food I knew exactly what to expect when I walked through the door and was ready to rattle off my order without glancing at the menu, when something behind the counter caught my eye. In place of the standard aluminum foil was a piece of shiny gold. At first I thought it might just be some kind of mistake, maybe they had run out of foil? But when I got to the cash wrap it became abundantly clear that as most Chipotle endeavors, this was a cleverly crafted brand statement “wrapped” up in a fun new marketing campaign.

Sitting in a neat stack next to the register was The Gold Burrito Digest, a four page “newspaper” of pure marketing genius. Written in their uniquely irreverent tone of voice, the paper was able to achieve what so many brands struggle to do: educate consumers about their brand without boring them. The pages are filled with information about Food With Integrity, Chipotle’s mantra and commitment to support local farms, grow organic crops, raise animals naturally and more. The gold rush is also a celebration of their 18 year anniversary and you can get your very own gold wrapped burrito for the next four months. The Food With Integrity, however will be served for an “Unlimited Time Only”.

I give them major credit for being able to deliver this message in a way that stays true to their brand, with a sense of humor, creativity, simple graphic communication and just plain fun!

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photo credits: Business Wireearl.lurk

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