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It’s not often that one has the opportunity to mix their two biggest passions simultaneously. That is why it gives me the greatest pleasure to be FRCH’s campaign coordinator for ArtsWave this year, an opportunity that combines a strategic brand reinvention with the arts. As a strategist, I value brands that strive for greater consumer engagement, ones that have the courage to change, reinventing who they are in order to satisfy new audiences and broaden their mission. And as a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Choir: The May Festival, I am a music lover and am extremely grateful to live in a city with such a vibrant arts community. An arts community, I might add, that would not exist without ArtsWave, the foundation formerly known as The Fine Arts Fund.

Over the past 83 years, The Fine Arts Fund has distributed over $200 million to support our local “Big Eight” (Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cincinnati Opera, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Taft Museum, the Cincinnati Ballet, the Contemporary Arts Center, Playhouse in the Park and the Taft Museum) as well as many smaller arts organizations and programs. ArtsWave will continue to support all of these organizations and more, with their goal of creating a more connected and engaged community through the arts.

The name change and brand reinvention was born out of several years of research that identified regional public views about art and culture. The name ArtsWave was carefully selected to show that the arts has a beneficial ripple effect, stimulating the economies of neighborhoods all over the area and bringing together diverse groups. This new name and expanded mission has already begun to take shape in the forms of participatory, communal art that we at FRCH can’t get enough of. Check out the video to see an example of one such event put on by ArtsWave:

Over the next few weeks, our friends Macy’s will be sponsoring ArtsWave Sampler Weekends featuring a broad array of concerts and artistic events open to the public free of charge – be sure to check out this link! Utilizing technology to further connect the community to the arts, ArtsWave recently developed a mobile iPhone app that encourages people to submit their own photos of artwork around town, which are showcased in an online gallery.

For the FRCH ArtsWave campaign this year we have some exciting events planned, including “Parisian street artists”, food as art and a “blank canvas” we know you’ll want to leave your mark on, so stay tuned for more details coming your way throughout the month of March!

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