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Using Chuck Taylor All Star footwear (648 pairs!), Converse created a 40 foot long American flag in their new store at 560 Broadway in New York. Not quite a showstopper because of  the interior corner location, it’s still a clever and effective way to grab your attention because of the sheer quantity of shoes.    

There is an in-store customization area, where one can create products such as t-shirts, bags, and of course, shoes.

The store has a comfortable, worn feel, with concrete floors offset by warm woods that are used in  the fixturing and the bleachers on the back wall.  White subway tile provides a great backdrop as the shoe feature wall, but is a little less effective for men’s denim.

Interestingly, there is no mention of the Converse heritage in this new store environment. The Converse Rubber Shoe Company began in 1908, manufacturing rubber-soled shoes. In 1917, the Converse All Star revolutionized the game of basketball as a performance shoe. In 1921 Chuck Taylor became America’s first player endorser. During World War II all soldiers wore Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, and these shoes remain the usual government-issue athletic shoes for military training.

We visited the Converse store, at Broadway and Prince St., on a bitterly cold and snowy day. The experience definitely warmed up the afternoon.

via Converse and Hypebeast

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