One Response to Orange… Fruit or Brand?

  1. The Big Sea says:

    Maybe another way to ask the question is, can a brand own two colors? Or can a brand own a color that’s not used in their logo? Ultimately it waters down your brand. In the case of AT&T it is an interesting compromise since so many people can still remember Cingular and that they became AT&T. It may also help that AT&T services a broad range of communication technologies. Would it make more sense if they were to use orange only for their wireless sector? Think FedEX, that uses a palette of colors for their different services. In the advertising it seems that AT&T have been using orange to symbolize coverage. It is something that engulfs you and feels omnipresent. For this reason it may be emotionally more comfortable than “drowning” in blue. Also, the idea of a “hot spot” has been tied to wireless technology, which again blue may work counteractive to.

    Still, their initial commercials were certainly frustrating, as it was a shameless imitation of not only Christo’s Gates, but his entire career.

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