The Home of The Burger Family Gets A Makeover

When FRCH landed the tasty design gig to partner with A&W Canada, I was tickled with excitement at the opportunity to combine two of my more overt passions: delicious burgers and environmental design! Working closely with the A&W team, the Specialty Design Studio was tasked with the tall order of re-envisioning their environments around an urban consumer lifestyle in city centers throughout Canada.

As a response to the time-crunched consumer, we designed self-order kiosks that empower the guest to order at their own pace while giving them the option for a quicker, more accommodating experience.

We also challenged the idea of a typical fast-food counter by placing a smaller, full menu next to each ordering terminal, giving the guest a ­­­personalized view of the offering.  This opened up an opportunity to make a stronger branded statement behind the counter while playfully highlighting key menu items.

To create a unique, branded visitor experience, we developed communication opportunities along each point of the customer path; including a flexible artwork program that riffs on the idea of a layered, playbill encrusted telephone pole. This artwork expression communicates messaging on a variety of substrates and gives each restaurant the opportunity to create their own unique expression. As a playful takeaway, we also incorporated a ‘coaster wall’ that gives customers the ability to pocket a small piece of the brand and extend A&W’s connection with the customer outside the restaurant.

This was a blast of a project in which we were able to add a new twist to a classic brand that doesn’t rest on its laurels, and isn’t afraid to evolve and connect with a new generation of customers.

Let’s get some burgers!

Photos courtesy of A&W

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