Faux Wood Wallcovering

While photo reproductions often lose the je ne sais quoi of the real material, Scrapwood Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek has a quirkiness that perfectly interprets 3D into 2D.  For use in low traffic applications, this wallcovering would be a beautiful alternative to real scrap wood planks.

Roll size: 900 x 450cm, approx 18”wide

PHE-02 (pattern shown railroaded)

PHE-03 (pattern shown railroaded)

PHE-05 (pattern shown railroaded)

Via Design Sponge

4 Responses to Faux Wood Wallcovering

  1. MAXW says:

    Delicious, no really, the kids in the pictureframes on the window can go “willie wonka” on this wallpaper and thier parents will have no worries about them being repeat offenders, loving the sweetness of the lead paint, sorry tikes no lead here…fooled you!

    Million dollar question…or rather $’s/square foot question….how much lara?

  2. lararoller says:

    MAXW, Scrapwood is €42 per m² or $56/square foot. The price may be on the high side, but when used in the right application this paper is well worth it!

  3. Esther says:

    Hi Lara,

    thank you for your kind words!

    Our wallpaper will be available at wallpapercollective.com starting next week,
    it will be priced at US$ 199 per roll.

    And if you are in the neighborhood: we will attend ICFF in NY in may, booth 2223…

    Thanks again, Esther

  4. lararoller says:

    Esther, thank you for the information! I will not be at ICFF this year, but we will be sure to have someone stop by your booth.

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