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The web continues to provide new avenues for a brand to connect with consumers. I recently stumbled upon The AnthropologistAnthropologie’s latest web addition that removes itself from product and emotionally connects and inspires consumers with a variety of topics—photography, craft, artistry, etc.

The images above are past posts on The Anthropologist and are part of a broad spectrum of inspirational works. Shawn Davis, is a craftsman of fly fishing, Donna DeMari is a photographer with a personal story on Labradors, David Eustace captures the essence of “The Little Ballerina” and proprietors Håkan Strotz and Ulrika Krynitz showcase their handbuilt work in “urnatur” (ancient nature).While these are just a few excerpts, The Anthropologist proves to be a captivating forum to discuss any topic that may inspire another, and in turn for Anthropologie, may help the consumer have a more personal tie to the brand. Take the time to enjoy each of these works. They are poignant in their own ways.

Anthropologie states that the purpose of the site is to be :

“… an online space for inspiring works and inspiring individuals. It is a testament to the idea that revealing the passions and pursuits of one person can result in the progress of many. Our premise is simple: we illuminate those who move us in order to move you. We champion the idea that sharing sources of creativity in turn kindles it. “

The trend in fashion for Branded Content like Anthropologie’s is growing. Mashable recently featured a piece entitled:” 7 Stellar Examples of Branded Content from the Fashion Industry.” One of their top picks is The Anthropologist, but they also highlight brands taking the premise of Branded Content and pushing the potential consumer mindset. They cite brands like Louis Vuitton and Net-a-Porter as being leaders in Branded Content.

See more inspiring examples about Branded Content at Mashable, and next time you are on a website, ask yourself if it may be tied to a brand or a bigger consumer experience. You may be surprised at what you discover.

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