Top 5 | FRCH Jams of the Week

Here’s a very special edition of the Top 5 | FRCH Jams of the week where I am highlighting some of the songs that piqued the most interest at yesterdays Creative Fuel DIY Wing-Ding.  As you may have heard, the category ‘What’s Current’ garnered the most votes…so with that in mind, I limited my selections to songs released within the last 3 years.

Scoop ’em up!

Whitney Houston – ‘Million Dollar Bill’

This song is taken from her latest ‘comeback’ album titled ‘I Look To You’.  It’s a very smart disco throwback-styled single that features a super catchy bass line, groove and chorus. After the song was released, it kind of flew under the radar, but we still play it!

The Canyons – ‘Apples and Pears’

The Canyons are an up and coming duo from Australia whose debut album should be out sometime early 2011.  I can hardly wait since all their singles so far have been so varied and strong.  ‘Apples and Pears’ is a great dance song with a tasteful international flair that touches on multiple genres and is a surefire crowd warmer-upper! This track is nice for sipping champagne on rollerskates, which I totally recommend!

Caribou – ‘Odessa’

This is the opening track from Caribou’s latest album ‘Swim’.  I’ve heard their music described as ‘liquid electronic music’… I think that is an apt description.

Tame Impala – ‘Half Full Glass of Wine’

Tame Impala cranks out the psychedelic sounds from down under!  ‘Half Full Glass of Wine’ is taken from their self-titled EP, which also features a Canyons rework of the same song. The original song locks in to a hypnotic, fuzzed out groove that delivers the goods.

The Black Keys – ‘Everlasting Light’

‘Everlasting Light’ is one of my favorite songs from their new record, ‘Brothers’. At this point, I am completely cool with The Black Keys serving up more of the same magic potion each and every year!  Ohio represent!

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