DIY, it’s happening now!

Live from downtown Cincinnati: We are celebrating the New Year with a wingding complete with food, drink, music and entertainment choices made by and for the people of FRCH.

Over the last two weeks, Creative Fuel hosted a series of polls to vote for the most important elements of a wingding. Wondering how the polls turned out? Here are the results.

FOOD Budget friendly fare wins the vote with 49% and we are enjoying Skyline Dip, White Castle, Walking Tacos, and Oreos.

DRINKS Beers beginning with ‘C’ are the winners with 44% of the vote, and microbrew is the clear favorite category of beer.

MUSIC Marty has crafted a playlist to satisfy the request of What’s Current, with a narrow 33% win of the vote.

ENTERTAINMENT With 69% of the vote, the Partners of FRCH will draft a blog contributor as their partner for a game of ‘Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?’ Let the laughter roar!

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