Renderings That Launched Empires

Visualizing a project is a vital part of design.  Communicating a concept well gives the client and design team confidence to move forward in a constructive and inspired way.

The rendering above, by artist and designer Ralph Mcquarrie, was used by George Lucas to obtain financing and get the studio excited about his film Star Wars.  It also inspired Lucas, who had not imagined Vader wearing a helmet, to change direction and pursue Mcquarrie’s concept.

Herb Ryman‘s original drawing of Disneyland was  used to secure financing from a bank in New York.  Walt Disney told Ryman he had an idea for an amusement park and asked if he would work over the weekend and create a visual of it.  Ryman said, “sure, what does the thing look like?”  and Walt replied, “don’t know, you have to figure that out”.

Both men taught and mentored extensively over their long careers.  I met Ryman while I was attending the Art Center College of Design and later trained with Ryman’s protege Tom Gilleon.

The power of a strong visual can go a long way.

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