Perfect Expressions

“Merry Christmas, Grandma… We Came In Our New Plymouth!”

Plymouth Advertisement, Life, December 25, 1950

“Girl Missing Tooth”

The Saturday Evening Post, September 7, 1957

I was lucky enough to spend New Years in D.C., one of my favorite cities, and while I was there I had the opportunity to check out the American Art Museum. It just so happened that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg’s personal collection of Norman Rockwell paintings were on display. While wandering through the exhibit, what I found most fascinating in his paintings was the story that was told with just one image and the priceless expressions. Rockwell often used models as a reference, but some of these expressions are just too believable. These are some of my favorites, but you can check out more of  Norman Rockwell’s story and work at the American Art Museum.

“Little Girl Observing Lovers on a Train”

The Saturday Evening Post, August 12, 1944

“The Flirts”

The Saturday Evening Post, July 26, 1941

“Can’t Wait”

Boy Scouts of America Calendar, 1972

“The Gossips”

The Saturday Evening Post, January 12, 1929

images via Smithsonian American Art Museum

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