Bus Stop, Bus Go

It’s the absolute truth when I tell you the radio was playing  the Hollies’ old catchy tune “Bus Stop”  on a recent trip to Lexington, KY. What better reason, then, to stop and look at a few of Lexington’s very unique bus stops, and find out the story behind this program?

The bus stops are the projects of Art In Motion ( AIM).  According to AIM’s website,  their goal is “to make Lexington a more vibrant, livable city through the fusion of public art, public transit, and public spaces.”  The shelter shown above, on Newtown Pike, is called “Bluegrass”.

“Bottlestop” sits on Versailles Road, and is composed of recycled Ale 8 One bottles. Ale 8 One is a favorite soft drink in Kentucky. My only complaint is that they should have kept the labels on the bottles, as the label has a classic retro look.


Euclid Avenue also has a signature  stop, called “Gardenstop”. It features reclaimed wood and living plants.

Kudos to Yvette Hurt, creator of AIM. Three more bus stops are in the planning procees. Lexington has found a way  to take an ordinary part of our everyday lives and make it extraordinary.

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  1. Amy Foster says:

    What a fun idea! Since I spend a lot of my time waiting on a bus I love it!

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