Let the Polls Begin

Post-Holiday blues got you down on this Monday morning? Well turn that frown upside down, because Creative Fuel is keeping the party going into the New Year. As Lara said, we will be hosting a DIY Wing Ding BY and FOR the people of FRCH on Thursday January 13th.

Between now and then you will have the chance to vote in a series of polls that will allow you to select the food, beverages, music and entertainment for the party. Please vote for your favorite Wing Ding experience and be on the lookout for more polls coming your way soon.

Party on and let the voting commence!

Photo Credit: Pawesome

One Response to Let the Polls Begin

  1. KateK says:

    LOVE the photo!!!! So captures the post celebration exhaustion!!! Caused by all the celebration exhilaration!!! And excitement!!!

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