Sexy Snakeskin

As designers we are constantly being asked to transform a space, make it new, fresh, and appealing. So we are continuously discussing transformation, whether it is how the space, the people, or even the fixtures transform. However, we often forget about the behavioral side of transformation.

A fashion designer, Camille Cortet, from Amsterdam took the concept to a whole new level when she analyzed the transformation and behavior of a snake molting of their skin. She developed snake-like leggings by cutting small triangle apertures out of a basic fabric. Seems simple enough until you start to wear them. The fabric expands and contracts slowly ripping and morphing itself. No longer is it just about the transformation, but how and why. In a sense, it is about experiencing the behavior of a molting snake. Would you be willing to try these out? Can we push the idea of transformation to another level?

images via dezeen

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