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From hi-tech to low-tech, there’s loads of technology available for the retail space. But as you know, technology for technologies sake isn’t cutting it with savvy consumers who are looking for functional applications that offer up relevant information or an entertainment value that enriches the shopping experience.

This selection represents a few of my current favorite technologies with retail implications.

The Adidas store in Paris uses technology to help create highly customized products built to the specifications of each customer. It shows how technology can enhance product engineering and important attributes like fit and function, on top of style.

This next example is called Reactable, a surface technology that creates an infinite number of musical possibilities. While this technology falls under the category of “entertainment” rather than “informative”, I think the genius here is that it’s such a hands-on and collaborative group experience that is unique enough to leave a lasting impression.

Another invention out of the Google Demo Slam, is a virtual fashion show technology that could not be more low-tech or fun for the right customer (we’re thinking millenials mostly). In my opinion, this type of application could also be perfect for creating spaces within a retail store for a photo op (think the next generation of putting your head through a cardboard cut-out). And as a bonus – it could work both in-store and on-line!

The Sustainable Dance Club in Rotterdam uses regenerative energy technology to turn the dance floor into one big power generator for the club. It’s a marriage of sleek design with a sustainable mission. In a retail application, it would be great if consumers could track how much energy they are helping the store produce and are subsequently rewarded with loyalty points or a discount; giving consumers a reason to linger longer.

3 Responses to Retail Technology

  1. chadmarchese says:

    Now this is real innovation.
    Adidas hit the mark on the customized shoe kiosk I’ve been dreaming of.
    A serious motivator for the DJ to keep the music pumping with danceability. Can’t wait to see the power generating flooring applied to a retail store or hotel.
    Can we get one of those Reactable interactive tables for the lobby of our office? I want to play…

  2. Hey guys,

    Great gallery of technology being used for fun, experimentation, and engagement.

    I actually used some of the open source software developed for the Reactable to build my own interactive experience—geared toward exhibitions & education. My goal was to use a printed book as the interface for an immersive media experience. The book can be taken home and read regularly, but the immersive/interactive experience lives in the reader’s mind, adding value and “magic” to the book.

    Check out a little demo here: Thirsty World.

    Hope all is well in Cinci!


  3. cristinaferrari says:

    Wow Matt, thanks for forwarding along your demo, I could see this type of application being used in museum design and many different forms of interactive media. Great work and please continue to keep us in the loop – great to hear from you!

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