Turn the Table

While browsing through one of the local antique malls last weekend, I had the luck of stumbling across a simple, beautifully designed side table that really caught my eye. I had been searching for a piece that very size, and once I discovered the table’s little secret, I HAD to have it! The dropped-leaf sides are on hinges and lift up, then the whole tabletop swivels and rests on the base. Genius! The table was a little out of my price range, but its charm had already won me over! To make the purchase even more enticing, the vendor had taken the time to include a small blurb about the designer, Carl Malmsten. After getting the piece home and doing a bit more research, I was intrigued to learn of Carl Malmsten’s influence, particularly in his native Sweden, as a master furniture maker and teacher who “fought for the right of humans to experience beauty.” You gotta love that! Carl Malmsten’s impressive body of work more than cuts the mustard when compared to that of better-known furniture designers.

Sadly, I have yet to verify my table’s authenticity as a Malmsten creation. Although it does seem likely to have been designed by a student from the Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies Program, as the piece contains a “CM” makers mark under the table top.

Now, if I can just find a project where I can use that ‘swivel’ detail…


5 Responses to Turn the Table

  1. domestictoby says:

    Love this – I have been searching for something similar and I equally love any piece of furniture that is not only gorgeous but has multiple functions. Kudos.


  2. Amy Foster says:

    We used to sell something like this when I worked at an import store years ago. It was VERY heavy and cool. I hated selling one tho because then we had to load it into the car!

  3. Tomson says:

    Great and unique space saver. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jon Lewis says:

    Love this design. My wife and I frequent antique malls looking for finds like these. Just found an Eames chair in Fairfield for $2! Would love to find something similar to this table for our apt.

  5. martymccauley says:

    After contacting the Malmstenbutiken website ran by Carl Malmsten’s grandson Jerk Malmsten, I have learned that my side table is in fact an original Malmsten piece called “Munkbordet” made in 1934. And I must add, it looks and functions perfectly in my home! Score!

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