How to Make a Pirate Cannon

Just in time for Christmas!  Intimidate family and friends with your very own realistic 18th century Pirate Cannon.

Below is a step by step tutorial.

What your cannon will look like

Cut eight tapered sides of clear pine, 40 inches long and with  22.5 degree angles.

Glue them up!

Mount on a 42 inch lathe and stand back!

NOTE: Wear safety glasses!

Start on a slow speed and rough out the shape, then refine on a higher speed.

Turn and add the center supports, rear and front of the gun.  Bondo for texture and prime.

Paint using metalic spray paints and build the base out of heavy timbers.

Add dirt, scratches and gunpowder burns with acrylic paint.

Add accessories like rope, metal hardware and cannonballs then hoist yer colors and sit back and enjoy your new cannon with a bottle of rum!

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Draws, paints and builds stuff. Designs Theme Parks, places and family destinations.

2 Responses to How to Make a Pirate Cannon

  1. Steve Gardner says:


    This is awesome!!
    You never cease to amaze me.


  2. martymccauley says:

    so what did your neighbors think?

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