Illustrative Style

Designers have amazing skills. The method to which we “create” our designs is ever changing. Technology pushes the realm of possibilities and presentation styles. (Adobe Creative Suite Products, AutoCAD, 3D Modeling software, Google SketchUp, etc.) It is amazing how “realistic” design concepts have become because of technology.  While I find rendering in Photoshop on a Wacom to be equally relaxing and empowering, there are times I wish I only had my “Pilot Razor Point II Pen” and my “Prismacolor” Markers.

For me the “craft” behind the design has always been a point of inspiration, and of all designers it is fashion designers I envy the most. I find their drawings and ideations to be emotive, dynamic, artistic, and just jawbreaking. I admit it. I am jealous.

The Design Museum in London currently is showcasing a collection of Fashion Design sketches. Read the full article at Wallpaper and be inspired. Below are a few images that caught my eye.

Source: The Business of Fashion, November 4, 2010

Image of the exhibit at the Design Museum London

Images via Wallpaper.

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  1. martymccauley says:

    I will join you in your envy toward fashion illustrators. Their artistry is hugely inspiring! I think it has something to do with the different styles, textures, and expressions and how they layer on top of the always-recognizable human form. I picked this book up a couple years ago and use it often for inspiration. It contains an impressive array of different illustrative styles, and they always stay fresh! Nice post!

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