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Hey folks!  Here are some of the jams that have passed this past week’s test and made us work harder, faster, and stronger! Admittedly, these selections are all over the place, but there should be a little something, something for everybody!  Enjoy!

Cymande – Promised Heights

A relatively obscure-ish rock outfit that mixed deep funk, soul, and Calypso rhythms to create a totally unique roux of stew. Totally under-appreciated by those that make the ‘lists’, but Cymande (pronounced Sah-mahn-day) is always near the top of my personal favorites.

New Order – Regret (New Order Mix)

Wonderful pop song from New Order!  The B-side to the 45 has a sweet ‘New Order Mix’ that differs from the original by adding a stronger back beat that provides a slightly more danceable alternative to the original.  Also, check out this live version as well!

Van Halen – Diver Down

Nothing is better than a little Van Halen, right?  Especially with David Lee Roth at the helm! We’ve been bumping Diver Down on a steady rotation for a while now and thought that it finally needed to be represented on the Top 5. Oh, Pretty Woman!

Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On

This is the latest single from Chromeo’s latest record Business Casual.  They have stepped up their songwriting and have an amazing penchant for crafting perfect 80’s throwback styled dance floor jams. Don’t sleep!

Best Coast – Crazy For You

This came out a while ago, and is probably more suited for summer, but it wouldn’t hurt at all to catch the summer fever all over again this fall/winter with Best Coast’s latest album. Songs about heartbreak, being in love, and yearning for love in the style of 60’s pop meets 90’s grunge.  Yeah buddy!

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  1. chadmarchese says:

    Thanks for the eclectic mixture! Lovin that Best Coast video and song. I need some In & Out Burger…

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