Take it with a grain – or slab – of salt…

While looking for unique servingware recently, I purchased a Himalayan Sea Salt slab – it’s ethereal pink translucency and pure weight were slightly mezmerizing and drew me in initially. Little did I know the full benefits of my purchase – but quickly came to find out that not only was this a dramatic serving piece, but it was an amazing interactive show piece as well! These slabs–  ‘salt of the earth’, literally, can unassumingly be heated up to 500º at which point you can cook directly on their surface with some simple prepping. They can also be used over direct heat on a stove or grill AND cooled to feature cold foods, even ice cream. Sweet! Or in this case… Salty!

Sizzling Scallops on a 500˚ salt slab by Fresh to Market

Grillin’ sausage and eggs over an open grill by BarbequeMaster

Scallops with Szechuan Peppercorns and Citrus from Salt News

So at your next dinner party – sizzle like the culinary star you’ve dreamed of being and rock the Himalayan Sea Salt cook top!

One Response to Take it with a grain – or slab – of salt…

  1. KateK says:

    So what did you cook? How was it? Easy? Hard? Delicious? Clean up truly simple? What did you discover that you wish you had known before?? Where did you find your salt ware?? Thank you for the inspiration!

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