If You Can Read This…

I am psyched to share some of the first photographs we have received from Harley-Davidson that show our latest collaboration with H-D’s Retail Environment Group.

The main objective was to establish focus on the bike sales floor and provide an awe-inspiring presentation that both compliments and draws attention to the badass bikes in the showroom.  We created fabric ‘reverse pedestals’ with eye-catching photography and simple brand messaging to establish a strong visual presence for each grouping while also acting as a tool to help direct the customer’s site line to the true works of craftsmanship… the bikes!

The hope is to drive bike sales by giving customers the opportunity to ‘find themselves’ by establishing a strong emotional connection through the various merchandising tools, the product that accompanies the featured bikes, and even through the specific bikes that make up each arrangement.

To bring a design consistency to the entire dealership experience, we also provided merchandising tools and signage that effectively communicate and guide the customer through both the Parts and Accessories and General Merchandise departments.

Ride On!

One Response to If You Can Read This…

  1. KateK says:

    WOW!!! Very cool!!!!! Good work team!!!

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