Digging That Deli

Record shopping and food really do go hand in hand. It’s like clockwork… after a relaxing trip through the bins of any record store, the munchies creep in, and you’re on the prowl foraging for a tasty bite to eat.  Combining a record store with a deli to create one seamless experience, the shop Tongues is the perfect concept for the hungry collector. What really caught me eye was how well stocked and curated both ‘sections’ of the store appear to be. With a striking visual merchandising display in the deli, and a tasteful design in the record room, Tongues pushes the boundaries of cross merchandising by offering a somewhat quirky, yet nicely styled niche offering to its customers. Off to Vienna!

Images from Below The Clouds

2 Responses to Digging That Deli

  1. chadmarchese says:

    This makes me hungry for some digging!
    We should buy La Mexicana and convert the grocery shore in the back to a record shop.
    Now that’s utopia!

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