Hate the Label, Not the Wine…

First, let me apologize to the true wine connoisseurs out there for my less than scientific wine buying tactics…

Here’s the buying journey: To start, I check out the bottles flagged with ‘wine spectator’ or other reputable ratings, then if I‘m not satisfied, I’ll ask for a recommendation from the knowledgable staff. But that’s really where ‘reason’ ends and my design brain takes over. Even if the wine is great, could I possibly buy a bottle with a terrible or even mediocre label?!? I think not. And while I, begrudgingly, understand I cannot base my entire wine choice on the design of the label, there is part of me that hopes and waits for that day. Until then, I suggest Toast-Its! A site offering wine bottle labels for all occasions.

Cover up those nasty labels… Bottoms up! Na Zdrowie!

2 Responses to Hate the Label, Not the Wine…

  1. lararoller says:

    What a brilliant idea! Some of my favorite wines have questionable label designs, and this is a perfect way to make them special enough to gift!

  2. KateK says:

    Love the idea too BUT at 4 bucks a pop!!! Something tells me I’d invest in the wine. That’s just me!!
    We did have a tasting where about half the wine was chosen for the labels. The good, better, oh-so-delicious was about the same distribution as for the not-chosen-for-the-label. That could be telling us something!

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