Child Chronicles

Charting child growth has moved past the method of using the door seal or a wall—no longer a permanent fixture of the home hidden in the pantry—but rather a prominent graphic element or a temporal piece of art that can pull up and move at a moment’s notice. In my quest to find just the right growth chart for my son, (so many out there), I came across a few that balance my need for sophistication and whimsy that are bold and beautiful.

Etsy is a great resource for finding just about anything these days, and growth charts are no exception. Like these from Janey-Mac and another from Byrdie Graphics

aewilder adds a touch of customization and hand craft look with this personalized and sewn chart.

Studio 1AM raises the bar by combining the material bamboo layered with bold color and playfully numbers. This is my pick—if money were no object.

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