New Formats

It is exciting to see new retail formats popping up across the world. Clearly brands are taking a moment to analyze the opportunity to differentiate themselves, reach a broader customer base, and make an even stronger brand statement. Here are two quick examples of new formats that have caught my eye….one is a digital retail store and the other an accessories only concept.

Gucci has launched a Digital Retail Flagship  “taking advantage of today’s technology and thereby seamlessly integrating rich content, shopping and social networking to provide the site’s monthly 2.5 million unique visitors with an aesthetic and customer-oriented experience that replicates the one they have when entering a Gucci signature flagship store”. (Refer to This is more than your ordinary website taking the ability to see the merchandise and experience the brand digitally to a whole new level. It is definitely worth checking out. I recommend selecting a product and exploring the ability to look at the detail of the piece.  The concept is intriguing and a great way to see and feel as if you are moving through a Gucci experience, I do however still long for the ability to touch, see, and smell such wonderfully crafted products!

(via Gucci)

Dolce & Gabbana has also launched a new retail format: an accessories only concept. And while an accessories only concept may not be a first, what is really intriguing about this concept is that “the store carries not only their own collection, but also the lines of young emerging designers.” (Refer to What an exciting way to support up and coming talent and showcase a breadth of ideas.

(via WWD)

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