Very Hot! | La Fabrica del Taco


Anyone that knows me is well aware of my affection for an honest taco. While surfing the web for inspiration, I stumbled upon an amazing looking Mexican restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina called La Fabrica del Taco. What really caught my eye, besides the vibrant neon script signage on the corrugated metal facade, was the all too tempting sidewalk bar on the storefront. Nothing screams, “come on in” quite like, “you don’t even have to come in”! La Fabrica del Taco also features a playful, kitschy décor (note the Mexican wrestler mask wall!) as well as a bevy of sauces for the more adventurous diner.

Sadly, I have not yet tasted the cuisine at La Fabrica del Taco. Reviews tout it as delicious and authentic…and I believe them! You can bet that the next time I take a trip to Argentina, I will make sure I take the time to satisfy my craving.

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2 Responses to Very Hot! | La Fabrica del Taco

  1. Claudia Cerchiara says:

    I promise that on my next trip home, probably inFebruary next year, I will stop by and try the Tacos, I also believe I could be a good resources regarding the authenticity, with all my trips to Mexico and eating their local cuisine.
    Thank you for the information,

  2. Rick Powell says:

    From my perspective, the photos look better than the actual restaurant; still, the sidewalk eating area is great. More people walk around Palermo during hot summer nights than just about any other neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Great people-watching.

    If you make it to Fabrica, try the pork tacos: Al pastor. Argentine beef gets all the attention but I prefer the pork and Fabrica uses it beautifully. The service can be hit ‘n’ miss however – they get confused a lot – and Americans are bound to think the portions are small – but the ambiance is great and the food very satisfying.

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