Fashion Week Inspiration

This past week was the ever frenzied, highly anticipated Fashion Week in NYC. While many will cover the collections, the designers, and of course the after parties, I found NY Magazine’s pre-coverage of the event to be a great prelude. Entitled 1oo Designers Reveal Their Spring 2011 Inspirations, NY Magazine takes a look at what inspired each designers collection this fall. I found it intriguing that very similar to my colleagues, the fashion designers pulled from all aspects of life: photography, architecture, mood boards, and some times random pieces—-For example, I am very curious to see what Narciso Rodriguez’s collection will look like, given the inspiration is a beetle. The inspirational selections seem to be dynamic, layered, colorful, and abstract. A post comparison by NY Magazine to the final fashion collections would make a great follow up piece.

Below are a few of my favorite inpirational pieces, but be sure to check out the full slide show at:

NY Magazines Slideshow: 100 Designers Reveal Their Spring 2011 Inspirations

One Response to Fashion Week Inspiration

  1. Amy Foster says:

    As a non designer-y person I love seeing what inspires people. For me, it’s always about texture but that’s what I get for my knitting obsession.

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