Brands Just Wanna Have Fun

One of the most popular trends in the branding world right now is subversion – brands that write their own rules, don’t take themselves too seriously and dance to the beat of their own drum. When I think about it in the context of the post-recession consumer, this type of messaging makes sense and is a smart move for certain brands. The new consumer mindset is one that is adverse to contrived media messages, pragmatic and frankly, could use a pick-me-up!

Here are some of my favorite examples of how brands are using subversion, irreverence, or just sheer wit to reach out to consumers:

Toyota Sienna

Taco Bell

Duluth Trading Co.

While this type of subversive brand messaging may not be applicable for all types of industries or brands (i.e. hospitals), providing this type of communication to a relevant audience has already proven to be successful. Both Toyota and Duluth Trading Co. attribute their increase in sales to these marketing campaigns.

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