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I wonder what life would be all about for me without thinking about food?  I dream of  a day when I’m not thinking about food – food for myself or food for other people. What I do for a living, what people know me for, and what revolves around me all day, everyday, is food. Even arguments with my significant other usually revolve around food. It is Crazy!

Should I call myself a foodie? I would say… No! I am just a guy who’s passionate about it, because I see food as something “soulful”, something more than what I eat! It talks to me, protects me, comforts me, and most likely… it will eventually kill me.

That’s what I want to talk about right now… SOULFUL FOOD. I bet you are thinking about the mighty crispy southern fried chicken, with green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy and warm biscuits on the side. YUM!!!! You are definitely right. There is something Soulful in Soul Food, but I‘m guessing I don’t need to explain what Soul Food is, you can google it yourself. However what you won’t find is the answer to the question: What makes food soulful?

Whether you like it or not, you feel something before, during and after you eat (if you don’t, I’m inclined to think you are a robot! And some people are like that). The level of emotional connection you feel to food is different than, lets say, a bike (bikers, please do not hurt me! I understand that bikes also talk to you in spirit). I would say that emotional feeling towards what we eat is the result of the soulfulness of the food. Of course the degree of emotional connection towards food is different from person to person. Regardless, the feeling is always there.

You might like a little hole in the wall restaurant, and not be able to pinpoint the reason why… and in reverse, you may not feel that the dining experience you had at the fanciest restaurant in town is worthwhile. The reason for these perceptions lay on how you connect with the food, the place and everything about this establishment. In other words, it lays on how soulful this place might be.  This hole in the wall restaurant  my be more soulful than the fancy restaurant. And because of that, the people, the place and everything that surrounds the food in this establishment will be more soulful too.

Friends, from now on, you will hear from me frequently about the soulfulness of food. I will call this part of blog “SOULFUL FOOD”. I will talk about my journeys, divulging my experiences of how soulful the food is: from the dishes themselves, to the people that surround and serve them, to the places where I buy and eat food, and ANYTHING about my relationship with food. Talk to me if you need to know anything about food. Share with me your experiences with food. We can discuss, research or debate it and it will be awesome!  I know the Bible said people should not live on bread alone… but I would say… people should live on bread alone… (and everything will be okay!)


Osteria Marco, Denver – Awesome Lamb

Food: *****

Restaurant Environment: **


Awesome Lamb!, Awesome Pork!  Great menu, great price. There’s almost something for everyone. The biggest draw for me was the Salumi Bar by the entry close to the exterior dining which is very small. However, when you go downstairs, the experience is very surprising… Quite a nice restaurant! Cozy and comfortable, I think it makes for a good place to hang out with a bunch friends and family.

Rioja, Denver – AWESOME Hot Pepper Margarita


Restaurant Environment: **

THE FOOD, I COOK There’s never bad food on my table! – so invite yourself!

Frog Leg Soup

My childhood favorite: Frog legs (Kroger has them quite fresh) in yellow bean sauce, tons of garlic and ginger in broth. It is marinated for 3 days, garnished with Asian Celery, and limejuice. I eat it with brown rice (although white rice tastes better), sprinkled with fried shallot.

Fresh Tomato Sauce and Basil

Dan’s Mom brought me tons of fresh tomatoes that I did not know what to do with. So I skinned them, chopped them, and sautéed them with different kinds of herbs and garlic. Toss it with fresh pasta, YUM!!!!

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