New York City Store Fronts

New, fresh imagery really gets our creative juices pumping here at FRCH. Keeping our hands, eyes, and brains on the pulse of literally everything, especially cool retail, is a part of how we gain inspiration and are continually able to create and build compelling stor(i)es for our clients…

Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York is a beautifully photographed and executed book that showcases original storefront facades of buildings throughout New York City. Most of the facades are worn down and have endured more than their fair share of graffiti, but all of them contain amazing examples of signage, architecture and handmade window displays that exude charm and represent a distinctly ‘American’ spirit. The photographs in the book are arranged by borough, then neighborhood, giving the reader a true sense of place.

This gem of a book has captured my imagination by giving me an accurate historical perspective that honors our craft.  I am highlighting some of my favorite storefront images from the book below. Click ’em and enjoy!



3 Responses to New York City Store Fronts

  1. cristinaferrari says:

    The typography of these storefronts is just genius! I think Maries Beauty Lounge might be my favorite… but it’s a tough call. I’m sure this book could keep us all entertained for hours – great find Marty!

  2. martymccauley says:

    I think I like the Casanova Men’s Wear store is the best… But I can’t quite tell if its the nickel kiddie rides or the hearts on the sign that are winning me over…

    I also forgot to mention that the book features many great historical and personal stories about some of the establishments featured.

    Good stuff for sure!

  3. Dan Reynolds says:

    Great post Marty. Some things are unmistakably New York and you tend to forget about them till you’re there. I’ve been to CBGB and Smith’s Bar and recognized them right away.

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