AUGUST – signs of summer’s ending

– The frowsy, blowsy look of the garden

– Large liver spots in the yard

– An entourage of gnats accompanying me everywhere (with lots of ‘kisses’)

– The trickle of tomatoes into the kitchen that has become a torrent

– Eating on the porch is a short morning activity – the length of my double espresso

– Eating on the porch in the evening is also to be eaten

– Morning sunlight flooding the kitchen window – I fill my Dad’s coffee pot with my eyes closed to the brightness

– Evening sunlight streaming in the sidelights of the front door to bounce off the news reporters on the TV

– The sun is east-west – but only for a few weeks – slipping further south to winters longer shadows

– Wondering when to stop cutting roses and let the flowers form their hips

– Peach season is winding down.  It was long this year

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