Kick-flipped Furniture

High-end furniture design and skateboarding collide with these revamped pieces that recall
some iconic classics — they are serious and whimsical while maintaining the original design
aesthetic and functionality.

You can almost overlook the fact that there are skateboards used in this retake on the
Eames Lounger where the form of the nose and tail of the skateboard recall the timeless
style of the original design. -via SkateStudyHouse

Inspired by the infamous Isamu Noguchi green coffee table the Tokyo Lounge Table by SkateStudyHouse
is a fresh reinterpretation that utilizes the natural forms of the skateboards and had me saying
wait a minute that’s not a Noguchi table.

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One Response to Kick-flipped Furniture

  1. martymccauley says:

    The Noguchi inspired table is strikingly similar to the OG…Cool stuff!

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