To Post or Not to Post?

When was the last time you ‘posted’ a printed invitation? Or even bought stamps? My guess is, it‘s been awhile.

Since ease and convenience seem to have taken over most of our lives and mass emails and electronic invitations are, in fact, the fastest way to contact the most people at once, most of us wouldn’t consider a costly, printed, snail mailed alternative. This makes my design soul sad and heightens my ‘design guilt’. Every time I send one out, and  turn a blind design eye to an electronic cookie cutter template – I feel like I sell a little bit more of my soul.  But, maybe there is hope for a better alternative…

I recently received an email invitation – surprisingly, not an Evite – giving me hope that someone out there, like me, still cares about designing an invitation even if it is electronic. The company is called Paperless Post and for a small fee, you can send out a more personalized invitation that has the visual detail of a true printed piece – the outer envelope image below showed up in an email with a direct link.

The images below are screen shots from the animation that played once the link was clicked. From there it acts more like a traditional electronic invite where you can see the list of guests, manage RSVPs and send reminders as the event approaches.

For me, this is a step in the right design direction, but still… Long live print!

2 Responses to To Post or Not to Post?

  1. cristinaferrari says:


    Great find! Now I just need an excuse to throw a party…

  2. TechSkirt says:

    Love it. A while ago I was obsessed with the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy where their correspondence was included in the book. There’s just something about opening an envelope.

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