Remixed and Repurposed | Album Art and LP’s

Ever wonder what to do with all those skated, dusty old 45’s and albums collecting dust in the basement? Here are some inspiring ideas that are totally groovy…

Designer Pavel Sidorenko cuts discarded vinyl records into playful, iconic shapes and turns them into functional clocks.

A quick search for vinyl record creations on Etsy yields a massive amount of items for consideration. However, after stumbling across these bracelets in eye-catching colored, transparent vinyl by Eye Pop Art, look no further!

For one of our Wing Dings here at FRCH, a team of us created a branded event simply titled ’45’. The party is an avenue to celebrate the diverse employees as each participant is encouraged to bring a stack of 7-inch records and share dj duties throughout the evening. Using old record sleeves as a base, we screen printed graphics overtop to create event posters for each floor of the office.

Artist Jean Shin’s sculpture titled ‘Sound Wave’, is a pile of melted records composed to take the shape of a wave. Heavy…

This is an awesome side table by Bughouse Art & Design that uses photography of records transposed to each side of the table. The finished result looks like a solid, dimensional collection of tattered gems. The best part, you can customize the records to suit your individual tastes!

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