Your Message Here

Interesting project going on at the Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia.  The store is located directly across the street from the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art.  As such, the store invites artists every two months to take over one of their windows to display their original art.

This month, Something’s Hiding in Here has set up an interactive display called ‘Your Message Here‘. They have set up a website inviting people to leave their proposed message via comments.  From comments they will choose which messages to add to the window each day.  For those not in the area they will be posting the pictures for everyone to see.

The Lab loves this use of interactivity to add to art and it’s also a great way for Urban Outfitters to up their coolness quotient.

(If you check their images and see ‘Let It Be’ – OracleJr will take credit for adding that one!)

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