Recycled 6,6 Nylon NOW

The new Convert yarn system from Interface is a revolution in carpet recycling technology.  Convert is recycled 6,6 and 6 yarns which no one else does in the industry yet.   Interface is the first to develop the technology to recycle 6,6 nylon back into 6,6 nylon.

Convert is a groundbreaking new category of modular carpet that is manufactured with a full color spectrum of post-consumer yarn.  All new products shown by Interface at Neocon had the convert yarn system in each product giving them the highest recycled content in the industry.

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From Interface – “How It Works: Through patent pending technology, we cleanly separate the face fiber and backing of nearly any carpet type. Separated type 6 and 6,6 nylon fiber are recycled into new 6 and 6,6 nylon, while separated backings are recycled into new backing.”

Samples from the new yarn system are availavble in the Library.  (You’ve gotta see the white – WOW.)

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